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Radiesse Neck Rejuvenation: A Remarkable Solution for a Youthful Neck Test

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As we age, our neck is often one of the first areas to show signs of aging. Loose skin, wrinkles, and sagging can make us appear older and undermine our confidence. However, with advances in cosmetic treatments, there are now various options available to rejuvenate the neck and restore its youthful appearance. One such innovative solution is Radiesse, a non-surgical procedure that has gained popularity in recent years. In this article, we will explore what Radiesse neck rejuvenation is, how it works, and its benefits.


Radiesse is a dermal filler composed of calcium hydroxyapatite microspheres suspended in a gel. While it has been widely used for facial rejuvenation, its efficacy in neck rejuvenation has been recognized more recently. Radiesse works by replenishing lost volume and stimulating collagen and elastin production in the treated area, resulting in a firmer, smoother, and more youthful-looking neck.


Radiesse neck rejuvenation is a minimally invasive procedure that can be performed in a medical aesthetics office like Grand Beauty Solutions, LLC in Lansing, Michigan. The process typically involves the following steps:

  1. Consultation: The first step is a consultation with a qualified professional to assess your specific concerns and determine if Radiesse neck rejuvenation is the right option for you. They will explain the procedure, potential risks, and expected outcomes.
  2. Preparation: Before the procedure, the treatment area is cleaned, and a topical anesthetic may be applied to ensure your comfort during the treatment.
  3. Injection: The Radiesse filler is then carefully injected into the targeted areas of the neck using a fine needle or cannula. The injector will skillfully distribute the filler to address specific concerns such as wrinkles, sagging skin, or volume loss.
  4. Post-treatment care: After the injections, you may experience mild swelling, bruising, or redness in the treated area, but these side effects usually subside within a few days. The injector will provide you with specific instructions for post-treatment care to ensure optimal results.


  1. Non-surgical solution: Radiesse neck rejuvenation offers an effective alternative to surgical procedures such as neck lift or facelift. It allows individuals to achieve significant improvements in the appearance of their neck without the need for incisions, general anesthesia, or extensive downtime.
  2. Natural-looking results: Radiesse filler provides immediate volume and lift to the treated area, resulting in a smoother and firmer neck contour. Over time, the calcium hydroxyapatite microspheres stimulate collagen and elastin production, further enhancing the skin’s elasticity and texture for long-lasting, natural-looking results.
  3. Minimal downtime: Unlike surgical procedures, Radiesse neck rejuvenation requires minimal downtime. Most individuals can resume their daily activities immediately after the treatment. However, it’s advisable to avoid strenuous exercise and direct sun exposure for a few days following the procedure.
  4. Long-lasting effects: Radiesse is known for its durability. The effects of the treatment can last up to a year or more, making it a cost-effective option for neck rejuvenation. Patients usually require 2-3 treatments for 4-6 weeks apart for optimum results.


While Radiesse neck rejuvenation is generally safe and well-tolerated, it is essential to choose a qualified and experienced injector to perform the procedure. They will carefully evaluate your specific needs and recommend the most appropriate treatment plan.

As with any cosmetic procedure, there are potential risks and side effects associated with Radiesse neck rejuvenation, such as temporary swelling, bruising, or lumps at the injection sites. However, these are usually mild and resolve on their own.

In conclusion, Radiesse neck rejuvenation is an excellent non-surgical solution for individuals seeking to improve the appearance of their aging neck. With its ability to restore volume, improve skin texture, and stimulate collagen and elastin production, Radiesse can help you achieve a more youthful, refreshed neck without the need for invasive surgery. Consult with a qualified professional to determine if Radiesse neck rejuvenation is right for you and take the first step towards regaining your confidence and a more youthful neck.

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Written by Dana Simon, MS, CRNA
Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist Injector
Owner of Grand Beauty Solutions, LLC

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