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Free Consultation

Free Consultation

$ Varies | 45min

Have a one on one comprehensive FREE conversation with Dana Simon to discuss your overall Skin Goals! This is appointment is all about you to come up with a plan to achieve the results you want. We may have time to start that plan today as well!


Skincare Consultations: How to Make the Most of Them

$650 | 60min

Makeup is an art form, but skincare is a science. You may need professional skincare treatments from an esthetician if you have persistent skin concerns. It is easier for skin professionals to identify the root causes of skin concerns, recommend professional-strength treatments, and create an effective at-home regimen that keeps you looking fresh after a spa session.

A thorough skincare consultation should precede every skincare treatment. Take advantage of this 1-on-1 time by being prepared for your appointment.


The client gets 45 minutes of one on one consultation to talk about their skincare concerns and we come up with a game plan to work through together.

We talk about short and long term goals together. Skincare is a journey. We may even have time to inject that day.

Asking questions is important! Some example questions might include:

  • Is there any downtime associated with these treatments?
  • Do I need to avoid the sun?
  • Should I avoid using any products before or after?

During your skin consultation, you’ll be asked a few questions to provide some preliminary information to our skin experts. If you wish, you can also bring any photos of your skin prior to the skin consultation.

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